Jamie's Tech Notes

This is a collection of notes, simple experiments, and other things I want to share, either related to my work or just for fun.

I might touch on newer technology like Golang and Docker, but I love vintage electronics and computers, and I enjoy building things with salvaged components, electrical tape, and zip ties, so you might see some of that kind of stuff in here, too.

I compose each entry in markdown formatted text, with some media files, then periodically process and upload them with a small Golang program. I could have used Blogger or another popular platform for publication, but I wanted to own the process and software.

I might add Disqus to allow feedback and discussion, but for now I am simply putting this stuff out there, and if the search engines and interested people find it, great. Feel free to email me if you have any comments: jamieguinan at gmail.com

I have dozens of ideas for these posts, and I am only recently gettting around to posting them.

Here they are: